Fishing Museum

The fishing museum is located beside the Plassi market place and houses an interesting collection of artifacts dealing with the local fishing culture.

The museum has been in existence since 1982 and was created by a Plassi native - Lauri Tanska. As well being a collector of fishing artifacts he has been a valuable source of information and has been a key source in keeping the local tradition of fishing and seal hunting alive.

The house where the museum is located was a former jail which has been transported to its current location. To this day it is still possible to see the iron bars of the prison cell.

The exhibition presents local fishing traditions related to river, sea, and eel fishing and seal hunting as well as informing visitors of the Ulko and Maa Kalle islands which have formed an important part of fishing history in the area.

The annual fishing cycle for fishermen meant that they had to fish using different methods depending on the time of the year. This meant that in the spring they would begin to fish, once the ice had melted, and continue until late autumn. In this time they would fish for eels. By the end of the winter they would hunt seals.

The fishermen were also responsible for preserving, packaging and selling the fish. The constant upkeep of their fishing equipment meant that there was always work to be done.

It is possible to view the changes in fishing methods through the artifacts on display in the museum giving an insight into the development of local fishing traditions. The interesting items on display give the visitor the opportunity to experience the fishing culture as it was and how it came to be.

Fishing museums opening hours

The museum is open daily during the summer time and at other times by request. The summer opening hours are announced later on this website. Summer 2011 closed becouse of renewing the exhibition.

Requests and reservations: Aila Siirilä, tel. (08) 462 090, 040 509 8788

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