Plassi Area in Old Maps

The Market Place was shown for the first time in a map made by Abraham Frisius in 1745. (Geographisk Charta uti Österbotnshofdingedömme och Calajoki Sn.). Opposite the Market Place on the south bank of the river was a boat building yard.

In a map from the 1763 created by the Surveyor Erik Florin Plassi is still called “Camle Carleby Stads Liqvidations Plats”. The Market Place is about 140m long and 60 metres in a rectangular shape.

Wilh. Finemans map of the Tar Market in 1791 there is marked 115 tar sheds with their owners, pitch works, four small cabins, an apartment for the inspector of the city of Raahe, sauna and a dock.

The Surveyor Carvolin made a map in 1805 of the land allocation where the area of Plassi is for the first time named as a Market Place. On the north side of the Market Place there is an area for the pitch works and “Blomströms site”.

The locations of the single buildings are shown in the map created by C.G.W. Claudelin in 1869. At this time the amount of the buildings in Plassi area was at its greatest. In this map you can see common owned land and the building rows that surround the Market Place on both sides. The common owned land extends to the north side of the Tar Market. Building in Plassi was unstructured and unofficial.

The Surveyor Oskar Tiger measured, mapped and drove piles in 1879 for the rearrangement of the plots of the Market Place. All buildings in the area were marked on the map and information about the owners detailed. On the map there were sketches for a new tight grid plan for the block. This first official attempt of Plassi town planning did not however come to fruition.

In the year 1885 there was altogether 171 buildings of which 30 were private residencies with 20 of them being shops, 31 storehouses and the same amount of sheds with the rest being bakeries, leather workshops, saunas, barns and outbuildings. In the area there was also a road and a street and a net drying area as well as fields, meadows, gardens, grasslands etc.

Map made by Abraham Frisius 1745. (Kansallisarkisto)Map made by Erik Florin 1763. (Kansallisarkisto)Map made by Wilh. Fineman 1791. (Kansallisarkisto)Map made by Carvolin 1805. (Kansallisarkisto)Map made by C.G.W. Claudelin 1869. (Kansallisarkisto)Map made by Oskar Tiger 1879. (Kalajoen kaupungin arkisto)Map made by Kalle Myllylä 1885